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Thematic sessions

  1. Crustal Evolution of the Andes and Central America Cordillera
  2. Crustal Evolution of the Pre-Andes and Patagonia
  3. Crustal Evolution of the Archean Blocks and Proterozoic Orogens
  4. Low Temperature Geochronology Applied to Tectonics and Geomorphology
  5. Isotopes in Sedimentary Systems: Stratigraphy, Provenance and Petroleum Systems
  6. New Frontiers in Isotopic Studies: Medical Geology, Forensics, Environment and Climate Change
  7. Isotope Studies Applied to Mineral Resources for the Energy Transition
  8. Isotopes in Magmatic Systems: Crust-mantle Dynamics
  9. 60 Years of the Centro de Pesquisas Geocronológicas - CPGeo
SSAGI 2024

SSAGI 2024 Galoá

XIII South American Symposium on Isotope Geology uses Galoá to painless manage and increase the impact of the event.

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