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PhD Fernanda Mozzi

Fernanda Mozzi

Fernanda Mozzi is Ph.D. in Chemistry and Principal Researcher at CERELA-CONICET, Argentina. She is Senior Editor of the journal Letters in Applied Microbiology and handling editor of Journal of Applied Microbiology, Letters in Applied Microbiology, and Frontiers in Microbiology. She has published 64 articles in international scientific journals, 13 book chapters, and is editor of 2 books in her area of expertise: Biotechnology of lactic acid bacteria (production of exopolysaccharides, mannitol and selenoproteins), and functional fermented foods (fermented fruit beverages). She has been invited as Plenary and Keynote Lecturer in international congresses in Costa Rica (CITA, 2019), Italy (Microbial Diversity 2019), and Mexico (Functional Foods, 2020), and has presented more than 120 scientific works in international and national congresses. She has been director of bilateral cooperation scientific projects with Belgium, Italy, Romania, and France, and of national and international (SfAM-UK) scientific grants. She has been promotor of 6 doctoral thesis and has 5 in course. She has acted as external project evaluator of scientific projects from Argentina, CyTED-Iberoamerica, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Canada,and Serbia, and as scientific reviewer for more than 25 journals.

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