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Registrations are closed, but your new scientific journey starts now!

Interact, comment and engage with thousands of researchers and authors! Start your new journey through thousands of scientific productions and get to know the largest and richest database of annals of events in Brazil, there are more than 150k indexed papers from all over the world, for you to access.

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The registration for the event 47th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Biophysical Society is now open!

Check below in the price table the available categories and the amount to register, pay attention to the date indicated in the table, discounts may appear in the values.


Registration fee includes admission to all scientific sessions, plenary sessions, poster sessions, symposia, and the items below. 

  1. Badges
  2. Abstract book online
  3. Coffee breaks
  4. Lunch on the 21st of October
  5. ExpoSBBf and poster presentation
  6. Online certificates
  • Registrations will only become effective upon payment.

  • Participants who do not pay the registration fees will be notified. In case there is no response from the participant, SBBf will CANCEL the ABSTRACT.

  • In case the Abstract is NOT accepted, the participant will have a full refund of the registration fee.

  • Abstract registration deadline is until August 07, 2023.

  • After August 08, 2023 registrations will have an increase and abstracts will no longer be accepted.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us:

  • If you want to participate in a mini-course, please fill in the form on the conference page in Satellite Meeting.


  • Until August 7, 2023

    Categoria Real
    Undergraduate students (SBBf Members) R$180.00
    Graduate students (SBBf Members) R$250.00
    Posdoc/Researcher (SBBf Members) R$400.00
    Undergraduate students (Non SBBf Members) R$300.00
    Graduate students (Non SBBf Members) R$400.00
    Posdoc/Researcher (Non SBBf Members) R$700.00
    Chair/Invited Speaker ** R$0.00
  • Until October 21, 2023

    Categoria Real
    Undergraduate students (SBBf Members) R$280.00
    Graduate students (SBBf Members) R$350.00
    Posdoc/Researcher (SBBf Members) R$500.00
    Undergraduate students (Non SBBf Members) R$400.00
    Graduate students (Non SBBf Members) R$500.00
    Posdoc/Researcher (Non SBBf Members) R$800.00
    Chair/Invited Speaker ** R$0.00

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**Chair and/or invited speakers that are Associate Members, must be in good standing with SBBf.



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47th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Biophysical Society uses Galoá to painless manage and increase the impact of the event.

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