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International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems


The International Conference in Strongly Correlated Electrons systems (SCES) is one of the most traditional conferences in Condensed Matters Physics worldwide. SCES continues to bring together, every edition, outstanding scientists working in the frontiers of the complex and advanced phenomena in this area.
SCES 2020 – Guarujá – SP – Brazil is a continuation of the successful series of the SCES conferences:
Sendai (’92), San Diego (’93), Amsterdam (’94), Goa (’95), Zurich (’96), Paris (’98), Nagano (’99), Ann Arbor (’01), Krakow (’02), Karlsruhe (’04), Vienna (’05), Houston (’07), Buzios (’08), Santa Fe (’10), Cambridge (’11), Tokyo (’13), Grenoble (’14), Hangzhou (’16), Prague (’17) and Okayama (’19).
Additionally, every three years since 1997, SCES has been joining triennial the International Conference on Magnetism (ICM) held in: Cairns (’97), Recife (’00), Rome (’03), Kyoto (’06), Karlsruhe (’09), Busan (’12), Barcelona (’15), and San Francisco (’18).



  • Heavy fermion systems
  • Materials Design and New/Advanced materials
  • Kondo effect and valence fluctuations
  • Quantum phase transitions and related phenomena
  • Unconventional superconductivity
  • Metal insulator transitions
  • Strong spin-orbit interaction in correlated systems
  • CEF effects and multipolar ordering in SCES
  • Theoretical methods for strong correlations
  • Correlated topological phases
  • Emergent Phenomena at nanoscale
  • Quantum magnetism and frustration
  • Strong correlations in actinides
  • Non-equilibrium phenomena in strongly correlated systems
  • Multiferroics and related materials
  • SCES materials for applications
  • Large research-facilities and Novel techniques for SCES investigations
  • Management of Science for SCES
SCES 2020

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