XIX Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing

The XIX Brazilian Symposium on Remote Sensing aims to bring together the technical and scientific community and the business user in the areas of Remote Sensing, Geotechnology and their applications to present their latest research and technological developments, including education and science policy, in the last two years.

Organization Committee

The XVIII SBSR is organized by INPE and SELPER Brasil.

National Institute for Space Researsh - INPE

  • Dr. Douglas Francisco Marcolino Gherardi
  • Dra. Ieda Del'Arco Sanches
  • Dr. Luiz Eduardo Oliveira e Cruz de Aragão

SELPER Brasil – Latin American Association on Remote Sensing

  • Dr. Eymar Silva Sampaio Lopes

Secretariat of Infrastructure & Financial

  • Adriana Gonçalves
  • Daniela Miyuki Seki
  • Maria Etelvina Renó Dias

Graphic Arts



  • Alexandre Andreazzi

Template for Publication in LATEX

  • Rogério Flores Júnior