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IUFRO 2023 Latin American Conference - 17-19 OCT - Curitiba, Brazil

Congress Organizing and Scientific Committee – COC IUFRO LA-2023

  • Yeda Maria Malheiros de Oliveira (Chair of the Organizing Committee), Patrícia Póvoa de Mattos (Chair of the Scientific Committee), Erich Gomes Schaitza, Alisson Moura Santos, Cristiane Fioravante Reis - Embrapa Florestas, Brazil
  • Afonso Figueiredo Filho - Midwestern State of Paraná University, UNICENTRO, Brazil
  • David Alexandre Buratto – Visiting Researcher – Embrapa Forestry, Brazil
  • Eleandro José Brum – Federal University of Technology – UTFPR, Brazil
  • Joberto Veloso de Freitas – Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM, Brazil
  • Paulo Cezar Gomes Pereira - Federal Rural University of Amazonia - UFRA, Brazil
  • Pedro de Almeida Salles, Brazilian Society of Foresters (SBEF)
  • Sandra Regina Afonso – Brazilian Forest Service, Brazil
  • Santiago Barros Asenjo – Research and Development Manager – Forestry Institute, Chile
  • Sybelle Barreira – Federal University of Paraná - UFG, Brazil
  • Vitor Afonso Hoeflich – Federal University of Paraná - UFPR, Brazil

Host Institutions leaders

  • John Parrotta, IUFRO President
  • Erich Gomes Schaitza, Head of Embrapa Forestry 

Communication and Support Subcommittee

  • Katia Pichelli, Luciane Jaques, Paula Saiz, Manuela Bergamim – Embrapa Forestry, Brazil
  • Martin Sanchez Acosta – National Institute of Technology and Agriculture – INTA, Argentina


Infrastructure and Logistics Subcommittee

  • Ives Goulart, Natalia Lordello de Aguiar Vieira, Gerson Oaida - Embrapa Forestry – Brazil


Leaders of the IUFRO Management Committee, 2019 a 2024

  • John Parrotta, President (EUA)
  • Daniela Kleinschmit, Vice-President of the Divisions (Alemanha)

  • Shirong Liu, Vice-President for Task Forces, Special Programs, Projects and Initiatives Led by IUFRO (China)
  • Mike Wingfield, President 2014-2019 (África do Sul)
  • Alexander Buck, Executive Director (Austria)
  • Michael Kleine, Coordinator of the Special Programme for Development of Capacities – SPDC/SAP (Austria)

The IUFRO Team

Andre Purret, Astrid Tippel, Brigitte Burger, Carola Egge, Christoph Wildburger, Daniel Boehnke, Dikshya Devkota, Eva Schimpf, Ioana Grecu, Gerda Wolfrum, Heimo Schaffer, Janice Burns, José Bolanõs, Judith Stoeger-Goiser, Nelson Grima, Pia Katila e Sylvia Fiege.


IUFRO LA 2023 Galoá

IUFRO 2023 Latin American Conference - 17-19 OCT - Curitiba, Brazil uses Galoá to painless manage and increase the impact of the event.

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