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IUFRO 2023 Latin American Conference - 17-19 OCT - Curitiba, Brazil


Two dimensions will be considered:

  • the landscape level
  • the farm level or the level of individual management units such as rural farms and/or forest/agroforestry/agriculture enterprises.


THEME 1 - Forest and forestry integration with agriculture and other land uses at the landscape level

  • Subtheme 1.1 – The sustainable forest mosaics in the landscape
  • Subtheme 1.2 – Sustainable forest management in the watersheds, including regulation of water flow, ecological corridors, and biodiversity indicators

THEME 2 – Sustainable forest use and agriculture on rural farms

  • Subtheme 2.1 – Sustainable natural forest management, including secondary forests and forest restoration for the promotion of the bioeconomy
  • Subtheme 2.2 – Planted forests with native and/or exotic species on the rural property level
  • Subtheme 2.3 - Sustainable agriculture on the rural property

THEME 3 - Convergence of forest and agriculture, bioeconomy and forest policy

  • Subtheme 3.1 – Integrated agricultural production systems, agroforestry systems, integrated crop-livestock-forestry

IUFRO LA-2023 - commitment to the SDGs

The IUFRO LA-2023 Conference is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by embracing themes related to sustainable territorial management, at the landscape and farm or urban level. Specifically, the Conference will expose in panels and voluntary presentations approaches related to sustainable management, in natural and planted forests and their interactions with topics such as food, energy and use of wood products, technological development, economic growth, environmental sustainability, national and international cooperation. Of particular note are SDG 2 (Zero hunger and sustainable agriculture), SDG 6 (Clean water and sanitation), SDG 12 (Responsible consumption and production), SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 15 (Life on Land) and SDG 17 (Partnerships and Means of Implementation).


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IUFRO LA 2023 Galoá

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