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IUFRO 2023 Latin American Conference - 17-19 OCT - Curitiba, Brazil

Sustainable Landscape Management 

– the role of forests, trees, agroforestry and their interactions with agriculture - 


Welcome to the IUFRO LA-2023!

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), represented by its branch Embrapa Forestry invite you to the IUFRO LA_2023 Conference for presenting and discussing different initiatives that aim to create future, more resilient landscapes for the benefit of people and nature.

It is being programmed as a hybrid In-person and online conference for an audience of 300 people and will include the presentation of invited and voluntary papers, and discussion panels, in addition to moments of networking and socializing among In-person participants.

The conference seeks to bring together a diverse array of stakeholders: from policymakers and scientists to the private sector and rural communities.

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Landscape can be defined as a set of contiguous, spatially heterogeneous, and interactive areas, where land cover (forests, for example) coexists with different land uses (agriculture, for example). It encompasses rural and urban areas and its limits go beyond the level of property and the boundaries of conservation areas.

They are usually analyzed in the context of units such as watersheds, at different spatial scales. A sustainable landscape is one in which the majority of ecological and productive processes are governed by precepts that lead to perpetuity with quality and follow environmental regulations and legislation.



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