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Traditional and emerging techniques for extraction, identification, and quantification of antioxidant phenolic compounds from plant matrices







Date and time:

17:00 to 21:00 on 11/08/2022

- Schedule: Antioxidant phenolic compounds have attracted increasing interest from various industrial sectors and the population due to their multifaceted technological applications and biological properties. However, the stability and recovery of phenolic compounds can be affected by several factors during their extraction. Thus, the choice of extraction technology and conditions are fundamental steps in the recovery and purification of phenolic compounds for identification, quantification, and application. Therefore, the objectives of this minicourse are:

1) present traditional and emerging techniques used in the extraction of antioxidant phenolic compounds;

2) present experimental designs useful to predict the behavior of variables during the extraction process of antioxidantphenolic compounds;

3) present the main traditional and emerging techniques used to identify and/or quantify antioxidant phenolic compounds present in plant matrices;

4) demonstrate experimentally, through bench assays, how different extraction techniques can affect the quantification of antioxidant phenolic compounds from the same plant matrix.


- Time:
8 am to 12 pm (3 hours of class + 1 hour for Q&A)

 2 pm to 6 pm (4 trial hours)

(4 theoretical hours + 4 practical hours)


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