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MSc Gustavo Pacheco de Castro

Gustavo Pacheco de	Castro
Chemical Engineer with pos-graduation on renewable fuels production and more than fifteen years of experience in chemical and petrochemical industries, developing catalysts and catalytic processes as well as engineered applications for production of renewable energy, fuels and chemicals. Management and leading catalyst business line in South America, been responsible for business development of all catalyst groups of EVONIK for the markets Refinery Catalysts and Adsorbents, Petrochemicals, Life Sciences & Fine Chemicals and polyolefins. Background on the main deployed and on development technologies for production of renewable fuels, chemicals and energy, and evaluation of the opportunities including technical-economic assessment. Leadership in several conceptual engineering projects when working at Bioenergy department of VALE S.A. Expertise on technology assessment for advanced bio-fuels production, such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils and Fischer-Tropsch synthetic fuels. Biofuels Application Engineer for Americas region at W.R. GRACE, with duties on technical support to renewable technology users for biofuels, chemicals and energy production, acting worldwide focusing on North and South America as well as Asia-Pacific markets. Catalytic Processes Researcher at Oxiteno focusing the technical coordination of several projects, including the development of catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, selection of commercial catalysts for ethylene oxide production and the development of heterogeneous catalysts for FFA esterification in Biodiesel Production Processes (Biodiesel production from high FFA feedstocks).