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Prof(a). Dr(a). Walter Herzog

University of Calgary - Faculty of Kinesiology – Canada
Walter Herzog

Director at the Human Performance Laboratory and Professor at the Faculties of Kinesiology and Engineering. His research is focused on the neuro-biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system with emphasis on mechanisms of muscle contraction focusing on the role of the structural protein titin, and the biomechanics of joints focusing on mechanisms of onset and progression of osteoarthritis. Expertise is in the area of growth, healing, and adaptation of soft (ligament, tendon, muscle, and articular cartilage) and hard (bone) tissues. Within this area he works experimentally and theoretically on the molecular/cellular, in vitro, in situ, and in vivo level. It also includes cell manipulation and mechanical testing and finite element modeling, continuum mechanics, simulations and theories of growth and adaptation. More than 600 publications in scientific refereed journals, as well as author/editor of six books, more than 50 book chapters, and more than 900 refereed conference proceedings.