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Prof. Dr. Joao Batista Fernandes

Federal University of São Carlos - UFSCAR
Joao Batista Fernandes

Works in the area of ​​Chemistry of Natural Products, with emphasis on: Bioactive Natural Products, Chemical Ecology, Insect-Plant Interaction. Has degree in Chemistry (1971, FFCL-RP); PhD in Organic Chemistry (1976, IQ-USP-SP); Postdocs 1979 to 1981 (Rice University - Houston, Tx-USA) and 1983-1984 (Scottich Crop Research Institute - Dundee, Scotland, U.K.); Full Professor (1992, DQ - UFSCar, and professor since 1975). He has published more than 300 articles in specialized journals. He was department head (1985 to 1987) and coordinator of the PPGQ at UFSCar (1983-1985); Member of the Chemistry committee at FAPESP (2002-2010) and CNPq (2010-2014); Pro-rector of Research at UFSCar (2016-2021).