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Registrations are closed, but your new scientific journey starts now!

Interact, comment and engage with thousands of researchers and authors! Start your new journey through thousands of scientific productions and get to know the largest and richest database of annals of events in Brazil, there are more than 150k indexed papers from all over the world, for you to access.

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BCNP Registration Fees
(Second Batch)

Check below in the price table the available categories and the amount to register, pay attention to the date indicated in the table, discounts may appear in the values.

1. Registration fees grant acces to the opening cocktail party and all coffee breaks.
2. The registration fee for brazilian citizen can be paid by pix, bank deposit, either in full or in parcels (minimum parcel value R$ 100,00)
3. Non brazilian citizens should pay the registration fee using Swift/IBAN.



9th Brazilian Conference on Natural Product/ XXXV RESEM uses Galoá to painless manage and increase the impact of the event.

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