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Chemodiversity In "Mata Branca": Potential Source Of Biomolecules


Invited Lecture (IL)


Biosynthesis and Molecular Biology of Natural Products



Date and time:

17:35 to 18:00 on 11/09/2021

Medicinal plants are used by 70 to 90% of the population in developing countries in Primary Health Care. Based on the premise that the isolation and structural characterization of chemical constituents of plant drugs are of great importance for affirmation of its use in folk medicine, it is clear the need to study medicinal plants, especially from semi-arid, since the percentage of use of them by the population arrives to be superior to the numbers mentioned above. In this presentation, we will show isolation and structure identification of chemical molecules, using modern techniques of research of natural products, such as mass spectrometry guided isolation, dereplication and GNPS, as well as, many biological activities of unpublished compounds, belonging to terpenoids, alkaloids, lignoids and flavonoids classes. Thus, we will emphasize the semi-arid and caatinga (“mata branca”) regions importance as a source of research to bioactive molecules obtention.