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Session 01 - Political Discourses And Media Manipulation - Only Q&a


Paper Session


Political Discourses and Media Manipulation


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Date and time:

17:00 to 18:00 on 09/03/2020

1. Bolsonaro’s army: How opinion leaders fight against the News - Felipe Bonow Soares (UFRGS)

2. Dissemination of fake news in cross-platform perspective: the Hydra of 2018 Brazilian presidential election - João Guilherme Bastos dos Santos and Tatiana Maria Dourado (Brazilian National Institute of Science and Technology for Digital Democracy, INCT-DD)

3. Polarização como um fenômeno dinâmico: evolução temporal do compartilhamento de notícias no Brasil - Marcelo Alves (UFF)

4. Discurso Político e Multimodalidade: Um debate sobre a publicaçãode vídeos e lives no Facebook - Taiane Volcan (UFPEL)

5. Apocryphal Gospels: Political memes and memes on politics used as resource for negative campaigns anchored in anonymity and personal offenses. - Yi Jing Tsai and Viktor Chagas (UFF)

Moderator: Maria Clara Aquino Bittencourt (UNISINOS)

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